Our Speakers

Tyrone Edgar

Clinical Psychologist

Tyrone is the proud holder of a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Tyrone is an internationally certified cognitive-behavioural therapist (CBT) He received extensive training in The Unified Protocol (UP) for individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorders, depression and related disorder at the Unified Protocol Institute at Boston University. Tyrone works closely with SADAG - the largest mental health advocacy organisation in Africa. He believes that knowledge is power and the more others understand mental health conditions, the easier it becomes for those suffering from such conditions to access good health care. Tyrone lectures the WITS M.A. classes in CBT, supervises clinical psychologists and trains SADAG counsellors in the basics of counselling and also has his own private practice.

Justene Smith

Disability Specialist

Justene studied in Glasgow, Scotland and holds a Diploma in Health and Social Care, specialising in Occupational Therapy; she has been working with disability since 2006. Her role includes delivering Progression’s Diversity Management Model, aligned with Best Practice, to promote accessible and inclusive work environments

Keshika Naidoo

Occupational Therapist

Keshika holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from UKZN and is passionate about working with people with disabilities. She has worked in both corporate and academic environments, having headed up the Psychiatric Department at Tara Hospital and lecturing in the Wits Occupational Therapy Department. She now works as a private practitioner.

Marina Bradley

Labour Relations Specialist

Marina Bradley has vast experience in the labour relations field and has successfully represented various clients at the CCMA. Marina’s specialty consists of developing and implementing policies on pertinent issues, including working conditions, performance management, disciplinary procedures and CCMA representations. Marina is the proud holder of a Bachelor’s Degree Psychology and Labour Relations as well as a Practical Labour Law Certificate.

Tarryn Mason

Managing Director at Progression

Tarryn fulfils the role of Progression’s General Manager, a position which requires her to oversee the company’s operations and align strategic goals with organisational resources. She is also the co-founder of Progression's Assessment Centre, Access at Progression which was launched in 2015. Tarryn holds a degree in Financial Management and has completed a company aligned MBA.She is the project sponsor of an internal Leadership and Knowledge Management programme at Progression where she is instrumental in nurturing the successful transfer of critical disability knowledge and leadership skills within the business.