About Us

Access @ Progression promotes accessible & inclusive workplaces 

Access@Progression is Progression’s recently launched Assessment Centre, a collaboration between Progression and a body of experienced professionals, disability specialists and registered Occupational Therapists, which aims to offer organisations and individuals the opportunity to fully participate in an inclusive and accessible workplace. 

Products and services currently offered:

Ergonomic and functional assessments which aim to evaluate an individual’s functional capacity in relation to the requirements of a job, as well as the design of workstations that facilitate optimal contribution and participation.

Reasonable accommodation assessments will establish requirements for an individual by suggesting modifications to a job or environment in order to reduce the impact of the disability on performance.  

Disability Disclosure Audits and Environmental Accessibility Audits are available for organisations who wish to determine the number of people with disabilities working within the business, or who wish to assess the accessibility of their work environment. Both these processes facilitate the implementation of policy requirements, communication campaigns, as well as recommendations for improvement in order to better manage an accessible workplace.

Disability Awareness & Sensitisation Training is a key driver of integration and inclusion, engaging with employees, employers and people with disabilities to facilitate a better understanding and response to disability in the work environment.

Disability Conference is an annual event lead by the Progression team and disability experts which aims to facilitate indepth education on various topics relating to disability. Each year the Conference hosts a different theme and is often supplemented other disability events.

About Progression

Progression together with its strategic network of partners offers organisations a complete range of solutions tailored to today’s rapidly changing and diverse business environment.

The company’s solid background in disability equity solutions has resulted in a wider range of services and products. With a broad, all-encompassing strategic consulting offering, backed by a variety of world-class products in the employment equity, disability equity, skills development, training and recruitment arenas, Progression can empower any organisation to manage diversity and transform the workplace into a more inclusive, positive and dynamic environment.